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Authentic Chicago “beef stand”  made by Chicagoans, here in Boston!


You may have seen it on TV, you may have heard the legend of it, but Tony & Cara Spalla have been making it for years.  The Chicago Italian Beef:  a big, hot, juicy sandwich of our own slow-roasted Italian spiced beef, sliced paper thin and dripping in “gravy”, covered with sautéed sweet green peppers and hot giardiniera.  Follow that with some home-made Italian Ice, and you’ll feel like you’re right “in the neighborhood”!


Born and raised down the street from where the other Sox play, in Chicago, the Spallas know their food.  Between decades in fine hotels and decades in the kitchen, cooking and entertaining is their thing.  They were nudged into the idea to open a “beef stand”, as it’s called in Chicago, a few years ago by a neighbor’s son.  Enamored with Tony and Cara’s yard parties and endless food and grilling, young Gabriel surprised them one day with a menu he created for a store he named Tony Spalla’s Overload.  Cute and funny, it was also as outrageous as their entertaining.  Then their son Anthony pressed for the idea of opening a “beef stand”, since there was no place to get a good “beef” or “Chicago Dog” in Boston.  And so Spalla’s brand was born!


In Gabriel’s honor, the Spallas have named their biggest sandwich The Overload: a full half-pound of their Italian roast beef on a ten-inch roll of bread, with provolone, sautéed sweet peppers and hot or mild giardiniera.  And the roll is not just any roll: it’s bread from Turano Bread Co., one of Chicago’s most famous Italian bakeries… baked every hour, of a special recipe made to hold in all that gravy and beef, not fall apart in your hands.  It’s the real thing, trust us…  But don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews!


All the old-neighborhood favorites are on the menu… Hand-rolled meatballs cooked in red gravy are from family recipes, and most everything on the menu is made from scratch, and what you’d find in every neighborhood “stand” or sandwich shop, including Italian Sausage & Peppers, Beef/Sausage “Combo”, Chicken Caprese, Pepato, Buffalo and Chicken Bacon Ranch, made-to-order Italian salads, home-made soups, Chi-town beef Chili, and the best mac & cheese on the planet (as a customer calls it).


OH, and did we mention the Chicago Dog?  The real deal, authentic Chicago Dog?  A steamed, premium all-beef natural casing Vienna Beef® frank on a steamed poppy-seed bun, with all the Chi-town trimmings, including the neon green relish!  Spallas has won the Natick Patch Readers Choice Award for Best Hot Dog with that one!


Save the air fare!  C’mon out to Natick and enjoy this great Chicago cuisine right here in Beantown.  Spalla’s is served at Culinary Delights EuroDeli in Natick, a combination restaurant/grocery/deli that offers something for everyone.  Families, groups and teams are welcome!  Eat in, eat on the patio, or take-home, cater to the office, home or yard – C’mon by or give us a call, we’d love to see you.


Glossary The city of Chicago has its very own language when it comes to food and Spallas's Chicago Italian Beef is no different. Click here to find just a few of the phrases you'll want to familiarize yourself with if you want to know your way around our menu. GLOSSARY

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